Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Disney Sunday: Is Zootopia About Crack?

If you've seen Zootopia, you know that Disney's newest animated movie, despite being about cute talking animals, manages to tackle mature real world subjects such as prejudice and discrimination.

But did you know that the movie also serves as an allegory for the crack epidemic and how it was manufactured by the federal government to suppress the black community?

Well, chances are you were too busy being distracted by the cute antics of Nick and Judy to notice that. Fortunately, Film Theory made an excellent video with a very compelling case about how the movie is about crack, Jack, and that ain't whack:

And in case you're still skeptical that the federal government, especially the Reagan Administration, would be hypocritical enough to criminalize drug use while simultaneously selling drugs to buy weapons, don't be: That's a fact!

So just remember, kids: crack is whack, but whack's the smack, especially when you're selling crack to buy weapons for the Contras, so whack off whenever you can! Ha ha!

Also, if you want some less depressing fun fact about Zootopia, check out these 107 facts as compiled by Channel Federator.