Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, April 8, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Going Wild For Zootopia II

It's been a month since Zootopia was released, and its reviews and box office sales are just as strong as ever--which is more than you can say for other "blockbuster" movies! Even greater is the fan art. So here's another Fan Art Friday showcasing even more Zootopia fan art.

I dare you to even try spotting and naming all of the characters here. Just try. I bet none of you can name them all.

Calling a rabbit "cute" isn't exactly PC in Zootopia. Neither is assuming all rabbits know how to paint eggs. What's next? Assuming cats don't dance?

I still think "The Force Awakens" is overrated. But at least the fan art is decent, especially when it's a Zootopia crossover such as this! :D

I'm sure if Judy had come equipped like this, the police department wouldn't be hesitant to put her on the case. You can't argue with a rabbit packing heat like this!

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Steven was a fan of Gazelle, or that he enjoyed cross-dressing as her. (Of course, doesn't it seem odd that Steven can cross dress as a girl, and nobody bats an eye; yet Big Macintosh cross dresses as a girl in "Sisterhooves Social", and everybody on Tumblr loses their gosh darned minds.)

By now, you probably know that Shakira requested that her character, Gazelle, have curvier hips to match her own. Well, those hips certainly don't lie!