Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Lead Police

Lead may have been banned back in 1978, but even long after the ban, lead continued to remain a health hazard within the paint and plumbing of older buildings.

Lead poisoning continued to remain such a threat that, nearly 20 years after the ban, the Children’s Television Workshop produced a Sesame Street special to warn young children about it.

In typical Sesame Street fashion, the special, Lead Away!, featured songs and skits that taught children about the dangers of lead poisoning and how to avoid it, from washing their hands to visiting doctors to have regular blood tests.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the special was a musical number performed by the Lead Police, an obvious parody of the 80's band, The Police. It’s as unintentionally (or rather, intentionally) hilarious as it sounds:

Obviously, as with everyone else this week, I learned about this most "special" Sesame Street special through Jon Oliver’s segment on This Week Tonight. And just like everyone else, I’m still quite baffled that this special remains eerily relevant nearly 20 years later, especially with the recent catastrophe in Flint.

Then again, does anyone else find it odd that the cities that suffer the most from lead poisoning such as Flint also happen to be run mostly by Democrats? Lead must really do some serious mental damage to people in order to have them vote against their own best interests!