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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

AVGN Refuses To See New GB Movie

James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, recently released a video announcing that he wasn’t going to watch or review the new Ghostbusters remake. He didn’t think the movie was going to be any good, so why bother seeing it?

Personally, I’m going to reserve my judgement until after I’ve watched the movie for myself, or at least read other people’s reviews and reactions to it. But I understand where James is coming from, and I respect his decision.

Quite frankly, nothing he said was that radical or controversial. He’s not doing anything that no one else hasn’t done before with other movies. We’ve all seen trailers to movies that we didn’t want to see and decided not to see them because of it. The only difference is that James announced to the world his intentions.

So obviously such a milquetoast and otherwise reasonable reaction to the movie will elicit an equally reasonable response from people on the inter—BWAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding? Of course people are going to overreact to it!

Granted, most of the responses on Twitter have been somewhat reasonable and understanding:

Others, not so much:

And others were simply unhinged:

Yeah, that last one was by Patton Oswalt, a comedian that I otherwise liked.

But perhaps most perplexing have been the articles written in response to him. Yes, the Daily Dot and Film School Rejects have published articles in response to AVGN’s video. And yes, they’re as dumb as they can be.

It’s only a matter of time until the feminist SJWs at Jezebel and The Mary Sue scrawl their own screeds in order to decry the nerd as a woman-hating dudebro.