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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Avengers Assemble!

Last night, my friends and I got to watch Captain America: Civil War. It. Was. AMAZING! If you still have a bad taste in your mouth from watching Batman Vs. Superman (which I'm fortunate enough not to have), this movie will more than wash it out and leave you feeling minty fresh.

The movie isn't perfect by any means. It has it's flaws. But honestly, it's better than a movie like BvS that's nothing but flaws. Captain America was amazing. Iron Man was amazing. The Avengers were amazing. And Spider-Man? Not Toby McGuire, but still more amazing than The Amazing Spider-Man "what's-his-name?"!

So because I'm in such a Marvel mood, here's some Marvel fan art with plenty of Team Cap and Team Iron Man:

LOL! Somehow, I'd like to think that THIS was the real source of their conflict in Civil War. If anything, it makes for a more plausible premise than the actual reason why they were fighting. (And if you're curious as to what I mean by that, watch this video.)

Tom Holland may not be Toby McGuire (but then, who is?), but the one thing I loved about his Spider-Man is how much of a fanboy he was. I really enjoyed watching Spidey geek out as he fought alongside (and even against) the other Marvel characters. So these comics, which were created eight years ago, really aren't that far off.

Can you believe that this poster was made by a fan? Yes! This isn't a real movie poster. It's fan-made! How cool is it that there are so many dedicated fans are also extremely talented? Someone hire this guy! He deserves a job in the marketing department.

One's a solider with a heart of gold who fights for justice and equality. The other's a suave gentleman who's cool and collected yet extremely cocky. Of course we know which team Judy and Nick are rooting for.

We are the Avengers, we'll always save the day, and if you think we can't--well, we have a Hulk! We don't care if you have an army. We have an Amethyst--er, Hulk!