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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SU Recap: Log Date 7 15 2

In my previous SU Recap, I commented how Peridot’s reformation and redemption happened so quickly. It seemed like quite the 180 for her to go from singing praises to Yellow Diamond one minute to calling her yellow long-necked overlord a “clod” the very next. This episode, “Log Date 7 15 2”, even revealed the very cognitive dissonance that Peridot has been experiencing in the very first scene.

But as this story arc has shown, while her ultimate reformation was quite sudden in that one episode, the Road that led to her Damascus in the previous episodes was not. We’ve seen firsthand how Peridot has warmed up to Steven and the other Crystal Gems, and how she inevitably went from being their enemy to their newest ally.

This episode especially gives us a better look at her getting used to both her new surroundings and to her new companions, from learning that not everything on earth can fly, to experiencing the joy that is “mindless entertainment”, to ultimately why Garnet, much to Peridot's confusion, remains a fusion. This episode may be filler, but its filling proves to be quite substantial.

Peridot clearly is experiencing a Rapunzel moment. She's giddy about going against her elder's wishes. She's upset. And then she's giddy again. Too bad she can't return to her tower…err, I mean her planet.

"So am I going to have to wear a star? Where am I going to put a star?"

Er, I take I where your diamond currently is? Though that's probably going to take yet another regeneration.

Why do I get the feeling that's she's going to "poof" while taking a stand against Home World and for the Crystal Gems? Seems like the most likely time.

Peridot truly is a…kitty cat!

You know, it always baffled me as to what thought process would have prompted Peridot to shove Greg off of the barn roof. It took me at least five re-watches to realize that she wanted to see if humans could fly like the lady bug she was previously observing.

Garnet: Peridot, you can't just shove someone off of a roof.

Peridot: Why not?

Amethyst: Trust me, girl, you just can't. I already tried.

A green alien wearing underwear with green aliens on them. How very meta.

Garnet: Me gusta!

"I don't know what it is about flames, but thy just make everything cooler."

And blue flames make things even cooler.

"I hate your gift! Thanks for giving me it!"

When you want to accept a gift but you hate the person giving it to you.

You can tell that she misses her leg extenders.

Don't you wish more book titles were this honestly literal?

"Why did the chicken cross the road. The chicken wanted to get to the other side of the road."

I'll be honest: it took me a long time as a little kid to get this joke.

"It seems the earth ones are constantly filling the voids of their lives with meaningless distractions."

And some of them like myself also like to blog about how these meaningless distractions fill the void of our lives. Ha!

Wow. Now I feel depressed.

"Camp Pining Hearts"

Why do I get the feeling that a certain pair of twins in Oregon would watch a show like this?

The girl is wearing a blue kerchief with a tear drop design...

And the boy is wearing a yellow diamond patch.

Gee, I wonder if the animators are trying to tell us something about a potential ship.

Also, in the Steven Universe, er, universe, the Canadian flag is green.

"How could anyone indulge in this baseless drivel? I'll have no part of it."

Several days of watching later, and she's already theorizing potential ships…all from one episode!

Yup, she's a fan girl!

Peridot ships Pierre and Percy. Two guys. Yup, the SU creators certainly love to subtlety support LGBT tolerance.

Yup, Peridot would fit right in on Tumblr.

"I'm just trying to lion the mood."

I don't get it.

"Bawk bawk! I'm a chicken."

Just make sure no one attacks her. Otherwise, she's going to summon a horde of herself and attack everyone back. (Why yes, I am a Zelda fan!)

"I get the joke now!"


I could go on like others fans have about how her arms rotate completely 360 degrees, but I'm afraid I'm not that of a nerd.

"If you want to understand fusion, I can help you."


"Let's fuse."

Okay, I know that a lot of fans like to compare fusion to sex. Personally, I feel that they're simply a metaphor for relationships. But I can certainly see where they're coming from with situations like this.

For example, this scene right here could be used as an example of consent. Even when you started an act, you should be willing to stop if your partner isn't willing to go through with it.

"But I still don't understand you. Why are you fused all the time?"

"I'm Percy and Pierre."

She uses a gay ship to explain how she's essentially the physical manifestation of a gay ship. How much more "subtext" do you need? Ruby and Sapphire are space lesbos. Just let it go!