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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SU Recap: Message Recieved

Who would have thought that one year after being introduced, the former villain Peridot would become a Crystal Gem? Many fans had entertained the idea of having the green space Dorito join the crew, and that idea finally came into fruition with the episode “Message Received.”

I’m rather mixed about this episode. On the one hand, it’s great that Peridot has come to the light side; but one the other hand, her sudden reformation was that: sudden. Yes, the past few episodes were meant to show her slowly warming up to the others, but only mere minutes before telling off Yellow Diamond, she was singing her praise and allegiance to Dear Yellow Leader. If anything, her redemption seems much more realistic than any of the villains in MLP!

Nothing suspicious here.

Yup, totally nothing suspicious here.

Does Peridot fan-girling over her Dear Leader remind anyone else of Obamatrons? Or Bernie Bros? Or Hillarybots? Or pretty much any other statist who believes that their pet politician is super social awesome and can do no wrong?

Considering how tall Yellow Diamond is revealed to be later in this episode, it's quite surprising that Peridot actually thought that she was right behind her.

Gee, these technologically-advance aliens can build spacecraft that can travel millions of light years across space, they're going to take over our planet, wipe out all of mankind, but they seem to have problems with pants doors--ear, I mean car doors.

"You're up against he earth's greatest trapping technologies: the child safety lock." Considering how it's nearly impossible for even grown adults to open a bottle of pills with a child satay cap, he ain't kidding.

Peridot casts the cutest silhouettes.

Peridot: "I am not cute. I am the creature of the night!"

Stop. No hammer time!

I would try to translate the horn honks to morse code, but I don't know morse code, so I can't.

OMG! Steven looks like Kenny! You b-tards!

Steven: "I thought I could change her mind."

Amethyst: "I guess you can't get into their minds and change what they think."

Sorry, Am, but the U.S. Government tried doing that stuff back with M.K. Ultra, and it didn't work out.

Peridot looks so kawaii while driving a killer giant robot.

Must not make obvious joke. Must not make obvious joke. Must not...

...Amethyst identifies as an attack helicopter!

There, I made it!

And yet she's less creepy than Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

"What's up, Peri-snot!"

Amethyst, I know you can do better.

Apparently, the Pearls responsible for taking phone calls are picked specifically to sound like old-timely telephone operators.

"Not all Pearls know each other, Steven."

Yeah, Steven, don't be racist.

Yellow Diamond has a long neck. And she's yellow. Is she...a giraffe?

You're a mean one, Yellow Pearl. You really look like the Grinch.

Now that I think about it, considering that the Earth is the only planet in the solar system that contains organic life, why wouldn't Home World simply terraform any of the other barren planets in the system?

Obvious answer: because them we wouldn't have any conflict.

Yellow Diamond: I'm surrounded by idiots.


Must not make obvious joke. Must not make obvious joke. Must not...


As much as I love seeing Peridot turn to the light side, doesn't her transformation seem rushed. Just minutes ago, she had admitted her allegiance to her leader and her plan to take over the earth. Now she's joined the rebellion? That's quite the reformation.

Hot potato. Hot potato. Hot potato.

Congratulations. Peridot just instigated her (former) leader, who will probably now send an entire army that the gems probably won't stand a chance of fighting. How is this a good thing, again?