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Thursday, May 26, 2016

SU Recap: Super Watermelon Island

You wouldn't think that the big bad guy of the series would be defeated with the help of walking watermelon people. Or at least you wouldn't think that if you were watching Steven Universe. And in Steven Universe, such a possibility is...well...quite possible.

While Steven's new "take-over-the-body-of-a-watermelon" power is something that should seriously be questioned, everything else seems to fall into place just nicely, especially the rescue of Lapis and the defeat of Jasper.

With such an epic ending like that, you'd think that would be the end of the story arc. But then you remember that this is only part one of a two-part episode. The good stuff has only just begun. And what a beginning it was!

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Many fans have compared this opening to Lost. I haven't seen that series, so I can't comment.

However, I feel this whole episode is comparable to the movie, Avatar. Think about it: you have a human guy taking mental control of an alien native's body in order to save a group of natives from hostile attack. That’s Avatar in a nutshell.

Aww. Now I want a melon dog. Oh well. Guess I'll have to settle with a shitzu terrier. At least they're cute and fluffy.

Anyone else thinking about Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing when they first saw this village? Or is that just me?

So their children literally grow out of the cabbage patch. Er, I mean watermelon patch.

Do watermelon chickens...taste like chicken?

I would point out how strange it is for a colony of watermelon people to exist where some people go around naked while others wear clothes, but as a fan of My Little Pony, where this behavior is typical, I'm not the least bit confused.

I do, however, have to wonder if feminist SJWs have a problem with some of the characters wearing gender-specific clothing. "What? A bunch of non-binary creatures limiting themselves to gender-specific clothing such as neckties and dresses? How hetero-normative. This is cis-hetero-oppression!"

Also, you have to wonder how families are structured here? How are families assigned their own children? Do they grow them themselves? If so, why don't they grow and tend to their own melon children rather than have other melon people grow them? If other people grow them, how do they know which families to give the melon children to? Do the melon families order them and have them delivered?

And then I realize that I'm putting way too much thought into a children's cartoon.

Hacky sacks and drum circles? Yup. They're a bunch of hippies!

So is this like the thumbs up game that most church groups play where the person left not sticking their thumbs up has to pray over the food? (Of course, as we see, the consequence for losing is a lot worse.)

I think at this point many of us see where this is going. This lighthearted scene took quite the dark turn.

Malachite's back, and she's hungry for vengeance.

Quite literally!

Stage 1: Slight tremors ever quarter hour.

Stage 2: Full scale earthquakes.

Stage 3: The earth is destroyed.

Stage 4: PROFIT!

Does anyone else think it weird that Steven has all of these conveniently unexplained powers? The power to heal through his tears (or rather spit). The power to receive visions in his dream. The power to control non-sentient objects such as melons through his sleep. Steven really is becoming the deus ex of deus ex machinas.

"Warp 3 to Super Watermelon Island!" Yes, I saw Doug and Rob Walker's latest v-long. How could you tell?

Steven seems to have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. Otherwise, this whole episode would fall apart.

Don’t you just hate it when your hacky sack drum circle is interrupted by your violent bodily possession?




DNA Digivolve to…


It's really interesting how Alexandrite has an otherwise human form with a beastly side. Sort of like combining the human and beast spirit forms in a fusion evolution. (Okay, that's the last Digimon reference for this recap!)

That flame attack is cool, but…

Water bending beats fire bending every time. Haven't you lot seen Last Airbender?

Oh, Alexandrite can use the attacks and weapons of her combined form?

Well, so can Malachite!

Malachite uses headbutt. It's super effective!

If Peridot falling on top of Amethyst in "Too Far" taught us anything, it's that Malachite is now shipped with Alexandrite. That's how it works, right?

Translation: That giant may take our land, but it will never take our freedom!

I want to make a reference to a war strategy game, but I can’t think of any. I don't play those games.

"You've shown me a whole new world of possibilities?"

On a magic carpet ride?

And now Alexandrite squeaks like a rubber toy.

Oops! Sorry. "SU meets DBZ Abridged" already made that reference!

Now Malachite knows how Mickey felt in "Gulliver Mickey."

"You think you can hold me down."

Gee, if only the melon people had thought of tying her down when she had fallen. If only they had rope, something like string, to hold her down, to make her fret, to make her frown. You could have used string, but now as you see, there are no strings on me, eh, her!

Oh no, the carnage! The sweet, juicy carnage. It's so horribly appetizing!

Oh, so there's the string!

"Come over here!"

"Finish her!"

Now that is the face that says "I got punched in the balls!" Except Malachite doesn't have any balls. (I think…)

"You two need to spend sometime apart."

When a character makes a finishing line just right:

And when a finishing move is pulled off just right...

Apparently, getting impaled by an arrow makes her blow up like Mario touching a P-balloon.

Don't worry Lapis fanboys: your waifu...will live!

Jasper, on the other hand:

You have to wonder where Jasper fell off to.