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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Trump’s House of Wings

With the very last Republican having dropped out of the race, it appears that Trump will be the GOP presidential frontrunner. We very well may have as our next president a reality show star who appeared on Saturday Night Live—and not just last November!

Yes, before his controversial appearance last year, Trump hosted SNL eleven years earlier in 2004. I actually remember watching that episode, though the only skit I remember from it was a parody commercial for “Trump’s House of Wings.”

It’s as ridiculous as it sounds: Trump hosting a commercial promoting a fictional chain of fried chicken restaurants, with the other SNL cast members dressed in chicken costumes and accompanying him with a parody of the Pointer Sister’s “Jump.”

Then again, can this really be considered ridiculous if this is something that Trump would legitimately try to sell? This is the same guy who tried to sell his own steaks. So perhaps it wouldn’t be surprising if he really did have a fried chicken restaurant chain.

Of course, perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this skit is that it no longer exists.

When this episode was released on DVD, the "Trump’s House of Wings" commercial skit was excluded. The only footage available seems to be this Inside Edition segment explaining how the skit went missing:

So go figure! The only skit that I remember from Trump’s first SNL experience is the only one that’s missing.

The reason why the skit hasn’t been released still remains unknown, though the best explanation seems to be that the song could very well infringe copyright. That really shouldn’t be a problem since the song is clearly a parody and thus protected under fair use.

Then again, considering how video game reviews have been taken off of YouTube, even if they don’t contain any game footage, somehow “fair use” wouldn’t be much of a protection.