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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why I'm Team Cap

"Holding a gun to everyone on earth and calling it protection...This isn't freedom. This is fear" – Steve Rogers (Captain America), "Captain America: Winter's Solider."

Both Iron Man and Captain America are my favorite Avengers. Both represent libertarian values in the opposition to big government through free enterprise (Iron Man) and individual liberty (Captain America). So having the two clash with one another placed me between a rock and a hard place deciding which one to side with—that is, until Salon published an article decrying Cap as a “douche libertarian.” Now I’m Team Cap all the way!

Captain America is a true American patriot, not simply because he’s garbed in the red, white, and blue, but because he stands for the principles that those colors stand for. When his country was at war in his first movie, like any red-blooded American, he wanted to join the fight for truth, justice, and the American way in the battle against tyranny.

However, by his second movie, he discovered that his country, through expanded mass surveillance and paramilitary powers, was turning into the same tyranny that he once fought against; and now by his third movie, he has to make the tough decision between fighting for his country or fighting for what his country is supposed to stand for, as now the two are at conflicting odds with one another.

The Independent Journal Review further elaborated on this in their Winter’s Solider review:
In a day where our own bureaucracy is tantamount to tyranny, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is the action hero the country needs. Captain America and his team do not fight bad guys with sternly worded letters from the United Nations or by telling them they are crossing “red lines.”

...Unlike most of Hollywood elites, Captain America does not submit to mob-mentality thinking. He is an individualist who holds freedom in the highest esteem...Captain America believes in universal truths, not relative ones. He speaks to villains in the only language they understand, instead of giving them more “flexibility.”

While most Hollywood movies glorify left-wing themes, the Winter Soldier focuses more on pro-conservative and libertarian ideas. It covers the trouble with things like increased government surveillance, drone programs and NSA data mining. It reminds you of the follies that mankind can make when it aims for utopian solutions instead of realistic ones.

...Above all, it promotes a message of “freedom over tyranny” and stands up for what is right, even if it means standing alone or against the government you've sworn allegiance to.
In other words, despite what leftists and neocons claim, Captain America is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but a hardcore libertarian, and that’s good enough reason to be Team Cap!