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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Disney Sunday: Deleted "Racist" Lilo And Stitch Scene?

June is here, summer is upon us, and with it, summer vacation. What better way to kick off the season than with a summer-related movie? No other Disney film fits the bill than Lilo and Stitch.

Considered to be one of the few good Disney animated features of the 2000s (or at least an animated feature from that time that’s been capitalized by the company, if not recognized for its existence), Lilo and Stitch has certainly earned its title as a Disney masterpiece with its original story and water-colored backgrounds.

But like any good movie, the entire film was not shown in theaters, with some deleted scenes that were left on the editing room floor. One of those deleted scenes have been circulating social media recently, and I wanted to showcase it and comment on it:

The scene in question has Lilo and Stitch scaring a bunch of obnoxious tourists by tricking them into believing that a siren test was warning of an approaching tsunami. As Lilo exclaims, “Tourists, prepare to die!”

As I mentioned before, this scene has been circulating social media as of recent, with many people speculating as to why the scene was cut from the movie. Many people (mostly Tumblr SJWs) have speculated that the scene was deleted because Disney is run by “rich white men” who didn’t want to focus on the racism faced by “poor Hawaiian natives”, and by doing so, alienate the company’s “white middle class base.”

Yes, people actually believe that tripe!

I think a more likely (if not more reasonable) explanation is two-fold: first, the scene is superfluous. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hilarious scene in and of itself, but it adds nothing to the overall story. Not to mention that this scene seems to happen around the same time that Lilo was trying to teach Stitch how to be a model citizen, and “model citizens” don’t exactly go around whipping people into a panicked frenzy.

Which leads me to my second point: Lilo was a real dick! Yes, we see her in the establishing shots being annoyed by obnoxious and even “racist” tourists (“Do you speak English?”), but otherwise, what she did was ruin a relaxing day at the beach for people who otherwise did nothing wrong.

On top of that, what she did was illegal. Fooling people into thinking that a siren test is a tsunami warning is akin to pulling a fire alarm or shouting “fire” in a packed theatre. She’s lucky that Cobra Bubbles didn’t have her taken away in handcuffs after that. So yeah, I can understand if Disney had that scene removed because they didn’t want children to emulate illegal behavior like that.

Of course, while we’re talking about deleted scenes that should have remained in the movie, there’s another scene left on the cutting room floor that was more fitting of the movie’s overall theme. It featured Pudge the Fish, which Lilo was feeding at the start of the movie, and…


…eh, I’m sorry, I’m too overwhelmed by the feels. Feel free to watch for yourself while I grab a Kleenex. (And fair warning, you should grab one, too. This scene is heart-wrenching!)