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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Donald's Quack Attack

Does anyone else remember when the Disney Channel actually aired anything that was, well, Disney-related? Seems like these days the network has as much to do with Disney as MTV has to do with music or the History Channel has to do with history.

It may be hard to remember, but back in the day, the network actually lived up to its own name by airing Disney programming such as classic Disney movies, television shows, and even animated shorts.

Yes, there once was a time when you could turn on the Disney Channel and watch an actual Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck cartoon. One of the programs that showcased such cartoons was Donald’s Quack Attack.

The program was a half-hour compilation of various Disney animated shorts, mostly Donald Duck cartoons. And that was about it. No. Really. That’s the whole extent of the show and nothing else.

Well, almost nothing else.

You see, keeping to the theme of the show’s very name, each individual cartoon was intersected with a short segment known as the “Quack Attack Meter.”

These short (roughly 10-second) segments featured a scene from a Donald Duck cartoon where Donald gets hurt, whether he’s getting hit in the head with a mallet or having a tree fall right on top of him, with a cartoon meter gauging how much pain he’s in.

Yes, it’s admittedly rather masochistic to gain enjoyment from someone else’s pain, but really, isn’t that the whole point of a Donald Duck cartoon? Most of the humor surrounding his shorts derives from watching a egocentric curmudgeon such as himself getting the ego slapped out of him.

Anyway, here’s a montage of the various “Quack Attack Meter” segments: