Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, July 31, 2016

NEW FEATURE: 5 Reasons We Love...

In an age of war, mass shootings, police brutality, and political tension, pessimism and cynicism both seem to be the current default setting. This pessimism has seeped into our own entertainment and our attitude towards it. Whereas once we turned to entertainment as a form of escapism from the drudge of daily life, now it seems that the drudge of daily life has worn away that illusion of escapism.

As such, nowadays, it’s become more common to lash out against and tear apart bad media and even good media. Most reviewers and critics these days focus more on pointing out the flaws of movies, games, and television, even those that were once considered beloved. After all, with so many people losing faith in once sacred institutions such as government and journalism, why should they maintain any faith in their entertainment? If everything else is bad, why should anything be considered good?

I can’t change the current political or cultural zeitgeist, but the least I can do is change my own perspective, which is why I’m starting a new blog feature dedicated to showing why the things we love are worth loving with a new feature, “5 Things We Love About…”

The premise is simple: each week (or two weeks) I focus on something from movies, television, or video games that I and everyone else love and explain why we love it so much in five points. I’m here to tell you that what you love is good and that you should feel good about it. Simple as that!

My inspiration is three-fold. First, and most obvious, is Steve Shives’ “5 Stupid Things About…” v-log series. Obviously, I’m maintaining the same five point list style, but instead of explaining why something is stupid, I explain why it’s the exact opposite.

Two other inspirations for this new feature are Moviebob’s “Really That Good” and Jill Bearup’s “Stuff You Like”, both of which do excellent jobs of dissecting and explicating the reasons why the things we love are, well, the “stuff you like” that are “really that good.” Both series have proven that it is possible to have a serious review format focused on building up rather than tearing down.

My first blog post for “5 Reasons We Love…” will be posted tomorrow, and I plan on having a new post at least every week or two weeks. I really hope this new feature helps to further the tonal shift of my blog from typical political muckracker (which I’m still going to do) to something a little bit more positive, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.