Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The New Ghostbusters Is Good (No, Really, It Is!)

Yesterday, I went to see the new Ghostbusters movie. If the preliminary vitriol this movie received was any indicator, this movie was allegedly going to cut off my penis and rape my childhood. At the very least, I walked into the theater expecting the movie to be not be as bad as everyone claimed it was going to be.

My expectations were proven correct: the movie wasn’t that bad.

In fact, it wasn’t even mediocre or fine or decent. It was good. Really good! Not great, by any means, but entertaining nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong: the movie wasn’t without its flaws—of which, there were many.

For starters, the humor was really flat and awkward. I only remember chuckling once or twice through the movie, but that was about it. It’s hard to laugh when most of the humor feels so forced. For example, in the scene at the mayor’s office, there’s a one-minute—perhaps even two-minute—conversation dissecting the meaning of the idiom, “don’t let the cat out of the bag!” (Simply riveting!)

The main villain was also rather disappointing. Remember in the original movie how the main baddie was an ancient Sumerian demi-god wanting to bring about the apocalypse? This movie also has someone attempting to bring about the apocalypse, but for less epic reasons. Actually, it’s quite pathetic. (Relatable, to be sure, but quite pathetic.)

The worst part of the movie, bar none, is Chris Hemsworth’s character, Kevin. I swear, every time he was on screen, I found myself face-palming. Kevin is that dumb and useless. No. Seriously. The only purpose he serves is to be possessed by the main villain. That’s about it. There’s even a “joke” at the very end highlighting how useless he was to the entire team.

Yes, you can make the argument that his character is a gender-swap comment on the tired “dumb blonde” trope, the secretary that’s only hired for her looks and not her brains, but why would you even need to make such a comment when the original secretary in the original movie wasn’t dumb nor blonde? If anything, Janine proved to be more competent than the original four Ghostbusters combined!

Problems aside, this movie was fun to watch. The special effects were decent, the action scenes were epic, and all of the references to the original movie—including the cameos from the original actors!—were fun in a "meta" way.

Of course, the best part of the movie were the four main leads. I’d never seen any of them act before this movie, but it’s clear that they were the best choices. The four actresses has a real team chemistry that rivaled that of the original cast, and each of them were oozing with charisma. Especially Kate McKinnon. Especially Kate—motherfreaking-steal-the-entire-show—McKinnon!

Was this movie better than the original? Absolutely not! The original was a classic that nothing could beat—not even Ghostbusters II! Of course, this movie does a good job reaching a decent second place. If the original movie was an A+, this movie is at least a B-.

Look, I realize the fact that I’m not totally hating on this film is going to get me labeled as a “cuck” or a “mangina”, but for anyone who’s been hating on this film since its announcement, the least I can tell you is to at least give it a try. Even if you don’t like the movie, at least you can say you gave it a fair chance. Besides, you still have the original two movies.