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Saturday, August 6, 2016

DC Fans Want Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down

Man of Steel was a flop. Batman vs. Superman was a flop. So is it a real surprise to any one that the new Suicide Squad is a flop?

Apparently, it's very well a surprise to DC loyalists. They're so butthurt that their comic book movies are getting bad reviews, that they think it's a giant conspiracy by Marvel to make DC look bad--as opposed to the simple Occam's Razor explanation that the movies are getting bad reviews because they're, well, bad.

These poor DC fanboys are so buttmad over these bad reviews that they've created an on-line petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes--and it's gained more than 7,000 signatures:

DC fans are not impressed, spewing vitriol at reviewers via social media, unable to understand how the much-hyped villainous team-up could be anything less than brilliant. (Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise following the release of Batman v Superman, but there you go.)

In an attempt to upset the system, one disappointed fan, Abdullah Coldwater, has decided to start a petition to shut down aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes (where the films currently holding a 35% approval rating) because “Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews… and that Affects people's opinion” (sic).

As of writing, almost 7,000 angered people have signed the petition, with the creator having since added a clarification note saying, in short, that it’s not about closing Rotten Tomatoes, it’s about sending a message. That message being that people disagree with the critics’ reviews.
Good grief! We berate feminists and SJWs all the time for wanting to silence criticism, and these angry fanboys are no less a threat to free speech.

Listen, DC fans, I understand your pain. I grew up on DC animated shows such as Batman and Justice League and Teen Titans. I know these comic book franchises have good stories to offer, but the current crop of schlockbusters aren't doing a good job translating them from the comic book pages to the big screen.

You want to get mad at something? Don't attack Rotten Tomatoes for pointing out that a spade is a spade and a bad movie is bad. Tell Warner Bros. to boot Zack Snyder. He's the one ruining your comic book movies, not Rotten Tomatoes!