Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, August 8, 2016

Gary Johnson Worse Than Trump? LOL! Nope!

Let’s set the record straight: Donald Trump is a reprehensible human being and by far the worst choice for a presidential candidate second only to Hillary Clinton. He wants to ban an entire race of people based on their religion. He wants to target the family members of terrorists. He wants to target religious institutions and shut them down. He wants to shut down the internet. He has no qualms about torture or mass surveillance or even nuclear weapons. For f***'s sake! The man's being endorsed by the KKK and American Nazi Party! And that’s merely the smegma on top of the s***-infested cock bucket that is Donald J. Trump.

Even if you disagree with Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, there is no f***ing comparison between him and Trump. None. Claiming that he’s worse than Trump is like claiming that a plastic toy knife from a Playskool kitchen playset is sharper than a samurai sword. It’s a comparison so transparently ludicrous that no rebuttal other than a head shake and polite "no" seems necessary.

And yet blogger Benjamin Studebaker will have you believe that not only are the two equally bad, but that Gary Johnson is worse than Donald Trump, calling him “the most reactionary and right wing candidate in the race.” (I’ll wait until you stop laughing and pick yourself off of the floor.)

So what makes this otherwise obscure blogger claim that “feeling the Johnson” is worse than being “dumped by Trump”? Two things:

1) Gary’s flat tax proposal, which Benny claims "makes Donald Trump’s plan look left wing."

2) A complete misrepresentation of the Libertarian Party platform, insisting that libertarians "want to go back to the bad old days when governments didn’t do anything for anybody and if your sister got sick and you didn’t have the money she died on the street."

On the first point, most libertarians have already criticized Johnson over his flat tax proposal, and they managed to bring up many of the same points that Benny boy did. (Heck, libertarians actually booed Johnson over his tax plan at the Libertarian National Convention.) Even then, a flat tax isn’t exactly insane when you consider that most other economically well-off countries have implemented such tax rates.

As for his other point, Benny does nothing more than cherry pick Libertarian Party platform positions, from providing educational vouchers to privatizing entitlement programs, in order to make them appear more radical than they actually are—and indeed, they would appear radical if not for the fact that many other countries have successfully implemented them with greater results. Most European countries offer educational vouchers and have better test scores than us as a result, while Chile has maintained a private pension program for the past 30 years that offers better benefits than our own Social Security.

There's comparing apples to oranges. There's comparing apples to lawn gnomes. And then there's comparing apples to Cthulhu. I'm not even sure Benny's false equivalency even counts as the latter. There simply isn't a real comparison between Drumpf and Johnson. Not really. No.