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Monday, August 1, 2016

Steven Universe Recaps Schedule

Now that I ended my blog's hiatus, I'm going to restart posting Steven Universe episode recaps. The problem is that Cartoon Network has since launched its Summer of Steven event, airing new episodes on a nightly basis.

As such, there are too many episodes for me to write full individual recaps on. Instead, for this special event, I'll be offering weekly compilations for each week, with brief thoughts on each individual episode.

I'll start this week by posting a full recap of the "Gem Drill" episode, followed by a compilation of the "In Too Deep" event, followed by compilations of each past week during the Summer of Steven.

Here's my post schedule:

Tues: "Gem Drill"
Wed: "In Too Deep" event
Thurs: "Summer of Steven" (Week 1)
Fri: "Summer of Steven" (Week 2)
Sat: "Summer of Steven" (Week 3)