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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SU Recap: Gem Drill

One of the things that I appreciate about this series is how a lot of the conflict is settled through non-aggression rather than violence. Obviously, the Crystal Gems aren't afraid to pull a few punches, and they've managed to pummel quite a many foe. And yet many times, the day is saved, not through violence, but rather non-violent means. One notable example was their showdown with Lapis in the first two-parter. And we see yet another example here with the Cluster.

In most other series, the Cluster would have been the big baddie that was defeated though an epic boss fight. Here, though, in Steven Universe, where feelings are seen as a strength rather than a weakness, we have the main character doing something completely unthinkable: actually talk to the antagonist and hear him (or rather, them) out. The result is conflict resolution that ends well for both parties. Such a commitment to the non-aggression principle makes me proud to watch the show as a libertarian.

Anyway. For more of my thoughts, check out the following frame-by-frame recap below:

When you wake up and realize there's an important test that morning that you forgot to study for, it almost feels as if the earth is crumbling beneath your feet.

Peridot: Okay, Steven, are you ready to drill down into the planet to depths never before reached by your species to stop the Cluster before it forms and save your world?!

Steven: I don't know!

Peridot: Don't say that! Say we'll do it together and it's gonna be great!

Remember Steven: don't believe in yourself. Believe in the Peridot who believes in you. (Not the last Gurren Lagann reference, I promise!)

I'm surprised that Peridot is familiar enough with Earth culture to know that elevator music is most apropos for a straight trip down in a tight compartment.

Dude, like, the geometric patterns are so, like, hypnotizing, man. This is like watching 2001: Space Odyssey, only without the obscene level of pretension.

When you try to reach your arm around bae's shoulder to cop a feel, but the turbulence totally knocks you out of the moment.

Steven: So... what is the plan?

Peridot: We have a drill. We're going to drill.

Sounds like a great plan. I love this plan. I love being a part of it.

It's a good thing that Steven Universe has not real basis in scientific reality; otherwise, that machine they built from spare parts from the barn would totally melt from the heat of the magma and melt them both into a molten metal coffin.

Steven: Whoa, it's all lava!

Peridot: Lava is what comes out of volcanoes. That's super-heated peridotite.

Oh, Peridot! Even when faced with absolute danger, you remain your same adorkable geeky self. That is why we love you, and you're the best gem.

Steven: You were made on Homeworld, right?

Peridot: Mmhm.

Steven: What was it like?

Peridot: I didn't exist. Then I did. I don't have memories of it, just feelings.

You know, the more I think about it, the life of a Homeworld Gem seems bleak. They're created. They perform their duties. And that's about it. They're living machines, almost like the Borg. It really makes you wonder what the point of their existence is. Then it makes you wonder about the meaning of your own existence. Then you stop thinking because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Oh no! It's the gremlin from "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." Quick! Get the gun and shoot it before it tears apart the plane's wing!

Surprised that Steven knows how to use a Nintendo 64 controller. Most kids these days don't know what one even is.

Nice shot, Steven. One in a million. But don't get too cocky, kid.

Peridot: The cluster will be a billion times bigger. An inseparable fusion capable of destroying worlds, starting with this one.

So, in other words, a multi-colored version of the Cloverfield monster?

Stupid question, but since the cluster is at the very core of the earth, and underneath several leagues of magma, should it be super hot in there? In fact, under such heat and pressure, all of those gems should be a liquid mess. (I could be wrong. I'm not sure what temp most gems and rocks melt.)

Peridot: Steven, I'm sorry I couldn't save you or the billions of other lifeforms who matter far, far less to me. Do you have any last words?!

Steven: I love you, Peridot.

OMG! The pure feels!

This would be so beautiful if it weren't so terrifying!

That's quite impressive. But this plan would be more effective if the pod and drill were to connect itself atop a larger robot. That way you could really pack a punch.

Sorry, that's the last reference to Gurren Lagann!

Hope Steven doesn't have plans to sleep for the next few night. Or decade. Or even lifetime.

"OMG, Steven, your water broke. Okay. Don't panic. Just keep breathing like the doctor told you to. In. Out. In. Out."

In space, no one can hear you scream. Oh wait. This isn't space. Is it?

"Boy, you have the most one-track-iest mind ever met."

Clearly, Steven, you've never been to a Trump rally. Or a Bernie rally.

"That's five, out of...oh, jeez."

When you feel like completing a task but you've barely begun.

Look at all those bubbles. Looking at the sheer amount makes me want to shout. But what so I shout? If only there was a popular phrase one could exclaim when overcome by such a sheer magnitude of bubbles, preferably a phrase popularized by some internet reviewer with glasses and a tie. If only...

Well, that was easily fixed.

Now that I think about it, since they drilled a hole deep enough to reach magma, shouldn't that magma have surfaced and turned the entire farmland into a molten wasteland? Sure is lucky that this series has no grounding in science whatsoever.

"It just wants company. And it's got it now. It's like a bajillion people! They'll have lots of time to get to know each other, now that they're in a bubble."

You know, like the internet. Oh wait, if it's like the internet, then wouldn't most of them discover that everyone else are a bunch of trolls and a-holes? That'll make them want to separate and form and...

"How in the world did you bubble that whole thing?"

Only with the help of Bubble Thing, of course! F***ing bubbles! (Oh, so that's the phrase I should have used earlier!)