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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SU Recap: In Too Deep

You know, for an event called "In Too Deep", the very first two episodes only seemed to be really "deep." The rest are filler. Fun filler, to be sure, but still filler. Well, whether we're watching Lapis and Peridot act out the Odd Couple, or seeing the Crystal Gems play baseball against a team of Rubies, there's no doubt that these episodes were at least fun to watch.

Anyway, here's a quick recap of the remaining three episodes of the "In Too Deep" event. For the first two episodes, I have individual full recaps of both "Super Watermelon Island" and "Gem Drill."

Same Old World

Steven and Lapis fly to different places. That's about it. No, really, that's it. Well, actually, we do get to learn more about Lapis’ backstory. But other than that, there’s not much else.

I can’t say that this episode was good, but at the same time, I can't say it was bad. Yes, there was no plot, making this the most filler of filler episodes, but it’s hard to deny how gorgeous the scenery was. The settings within this episode are a sheer testament to how much of an artistic masterpiece this series is. Even when they are flying over Jersey. Steven Universe manages to make Jersey look good!

The best I can describe this episode is that it’s like taking a long uneventful drive through an autumn forest. Overall, it’s a boring and dull drive, but at least the sights are good to look at.

Best Quote

Lapis Lazuli: So, what does happen in Empire City?

Steven: Well, let's see. If you lived here, you could get a cool apartment, and be a single gem taking on the big city. You'll have a fun job at a local coffee shop and come home to a wacky roommate-

Lapis Lazuli: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Barn Mates

On May 19, Lapis Lazuli had removed herself from her place of residence; that place was Gem Homeworld. Deep down, she knew it was the right thing to do, but she also knew that someday she would return. With nowhere else to go, she appeared at the barn of her friend, Steven Universe. Several episodes earlier, a former antagonist of hers, Peridot, had exiled herself from Homeworld, insisting that she never return. Can two exiled gems share a barn without driving each other crazy? [cue Odd Couple music] (Yeah, obvious joke was obvious!)

In all seriousness, this was an interesting episode. Seeing the two conflicting personalities of Peridot and Lapis bounce off of one another was quite entertaining, but it was also suspenseful watching Peridot try everything to convince Lapis to forgive her, only to fail each time. Sometimes it was due to the obliviousness of her own social awkwardness (the poorly-written card) or through no real fault of her own (the pool and the tape).

Deep down, you want to see Lapis forgive Peridot and be friends, but you’re also sympathetic with the plight Lapis previously went through, most of which Peridot was partly responsible for, and you understand why she’s reluctant to forgive and forget. In the end, we finally achieve some satisfaction seeing Lapis at least save Peridot, which conveniently leads to the next episode.

Best Quote

Lapis Lazuli: You do realize that I spent the last few months trapped under the ocean, right?...It was an endless, crushing darkness. Wet, and bleak, and suffocating. Water was the tomb I lived in for those months.

Hit The Diamond

The Crystal Gems play baseball. And once again we get to see Sapphire and Ruby. And Ruby. And Ruby. And Ruby. And Ruby. And Ruby. Seriously, what more can I say about this episode other than it’s the exact type of fun you would come to expect from such a scenario?

Only a series like Steven Universe can end one episode with an ominous reveal of a hostile alien creature emerging from a spacecraft that had previously been trying to destroy the protagonists, and then transition to another episode about baseball and the sickeningly sweet antics of a couple? Somehow, such a tonal shift feels natural in this show. One moment, you’re watching a thrilling installment of an epic space drama; the next, you have a lighthearted episode about sports.

It was certainly hilarious to watch the five different rubies of the Ruby Squad bounce their characters off of each other and the other characters. However, I have to wonder why Homeworld would send them. I know Rubies are supposed to be the grunts of the Gem Empire, but they clearly don’t have the brains to match their brawns for a reconnaissance mission. Though now I’m curious as to why they were seeking out Jasper specifically rather than Peridot.

Best Quote

Amethyst: Man, Rubies are dumb.

Garnet: Not all of them.