Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fan Art Friday: It's A Nintendo World

As yesterday was the Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation, this Fan Art Friday will feature crossover fan art of other shows and franchises re-imagined as Nintendo games.

"Ye-ah-Morty, get out of my way, or I'm a-I'm a gonna sick a ba-aw-blue shell on y'ah, I'm gonna sick a blue shell on you, Morty!"

I don't think Bojack would fit in Animal Crossing. Tom Nook doesn't sell booze or cigs in his shop.

"I'm a magical princess from another dimen--er, I mean galaxy!"

Fun Fact: Before he made Undertale, Toby Fox made a super creepy hack of Earthbound.

And here we have a bunch of random cartoon characters fighting each other in 8-Player Smash. Who would win? Can you even name them all? Brawl it out in the comments below!