Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shameless Plug Saturday: Mister Metokur

There’s a lot of great artwork on deviantART. Sadly, for every masterpiece, there’s at least two dozen deviations that make toddler crayon scribblings posted on refrigerators look more sophisticated.

As easy as it would be to search for such “artwork”, most of us don’t have the time or the tolerance to browse deviantART for all that. Luckily, there’s one individual brave enough to delve through the halls of madness and plunder the prime examples of deviantART what-the-f***-ery: Mister Metokur.

You probably remember this man from his former alias as the Internet Aristocrat, whose former video series Tumblrisms showcased some of the moonbattery on the second worst website since 4Chan, showcasing such insanity as otherkins, headmates, and fat acceptance.

Now this guy has a new name and a new website to target with his snide wit and humor: deviantART. His newest series, Deviants, premiered last week with his first video on inflation, and he’s recently released his second video focusing on vore.

What is vore you ask? You’re going to regret asking that. But if you’re curious, rather than have me explain it to you, check out Mister Metokur’s recent video and see for yourself.

Fair warning: what you are about to see cannot be unseen and has been known to have the same side effect of gazing upon the Old Gods like Cthulhu: