Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nightly Frights: Happy Sun Daycare

As with motels, before sending your children to a daycare you’ve never heard of, always check the Yelp reviews to ensure there haven’t been any negative experiences with it—like, for example, children being forced into a room with a giant violent dog that attacks and bites them:

After doing some background checking, I managed to find a young man who went to Happy Sun Daycare when he was around five or six. Let's just call him "Scott". I found Scott working at a local butcher's shop. I had to wait until his shift was over before I could start the interview. Luckily, it wasn't too long of a wait, and it gave me some time to consider what to ask him.

"Do you remember anything about Happy Sun Daycare?" I asked, "I know it was a long time ago, for you. But, perhaps you can recall something?"

Scott thought for a moment before replying, "Not much. I was only five maybe six when I went. I can remember just doin' what kids do at that age. Play, finger-paint, watch cartoons. That kind of stuff."

I nodded, "Were you a good kid?"

"For the most part." he admitted, "Occasionally I'd get into some trouble. Nothing too serious, though. Just your typical kid fussiness. Ya know, not wanting to take naps, refusing to eat veggies, that sort of thing."

"I see." I replied as I wrote down what he told me in a notepad, "And, was the daycare fair in how they disciplined you?"

"Eh, somewhat. All I ever got was a scolding and the occasional 'Time Out'. Pretty much they made you sit in a corner for a few minutes until they felt you were ready to join the other kids. Though, you were lucky if that's all you got." Scott pointed out.

What Scott said baffled me a bit. They were lucky? How? I began to wonder if perhaps there had been more severe punishments for the more unruly children that attended the daycare. Could there have been some sort of more controversial form of discipline that the employees at Happy Sun Daycare used that they didn't want known to the public?

I had to know, "What exactly do you mean?"

For a brief moment, Scott gave a brief shudder. He seemed to have recalled something from his childhood that frightened him and seemed to have affected him in his adulthood as well.

"The kids who got into real trouble were sent into 'The Gray Door'." Scott heaved a heavy sigh, "I've never been in there myself. I knew a few kids that did. Ones that would get into fights or throw huge tantrums. They'd end up going into that room. I don't know what happened in there. But, they'd always come out shaking with wide eyes. A few would break down crying, some would scream, one kid even threw up before passing out."

I frowned slightly. What sort of horrors had been conducted in the room that had been nicknamed "The Gray Door"? I then remembered what Margret had told me and decided to check and see if perhaps there was a connection with her story and what Scott had just said.

"Did the children have any scratches or bites on them?" I asked, "And, did you hear any strange noises?"

He nodded, "A few kids had scratches on them after they left the Gray Door. But, I thought they got those before and I just didn't notice them at first. They could've tripped or something. I did hear some heavy breathing. That could've just been some kid panting from running a lot. Hard to say for sure."

First Margret said she thought she heard a dog snarling, and now Scott told me he heard heavy breathing. With the strange noises, mysterious scratches on misbehaving children, and the mystery of the Gray Door room, I couldn't help but wonder what it was that Happy Sun Daycare had been hiding all these years.