Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, October 3, 2016

VGM Monday: Endless Stairs

All throughout October, as with last year, I will be dedicating this month's VGM Monday to showcasing spooky video game music. Let's start off with an innocent enough game: Super Mario 64.

So you reach the top level of the castle and approach the door leading to Bowser. The door says you need 70 stars to pass through. However, despite this, you pass through the door easily enough. You figure you can proceed anyway and approach the stairs. That's when this happens:

You try climbing the stairs, but no matter how far you go on, you come no closer to reaching the top. All the while, you keep hearing the same menacing, dissonant tone, almost as if the game is mocking you for trying to proceed.

Personally, this part never bothered me. Yet I have heard stories from other people on the internet about how this room, and especially this music, tormented them as a child. Some of them even stopped playing the game at this point because it scared them that much.

While I never had such a traumatic experience, I can see why others were bothered by it. It certainly is a haunting experience, and the music even more so. So I can see why this would be nightmare fuel.

Fortunatley, I'm sure most of you have come to realize how "not scary" this part is, especially now that we all know the glitch to climbing the stairs without having the 70 stars. :D