Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Moana Madness

I recently had the opportunity to watch Moana. Was it better than Frozen? No. Was it a great movie? Oh, heck yes! In fact, if you haven't watched it yet, drop what you're doing right now, go to your nearest theater, and watch it. It. Is. That. Good!

Above all else, the artwork was gorgeous (especially when it came to animating the water, of all things). So it's no surprise that it inspired equally-gorgeous fan art. Here's just a few:

You have to be blinder than a bat to not see the similarities between these two. They're both Disney princesses. They're both drawn to another world. One to the sea. One to the land. They both have overbearing, overprotective fathers. And they both have an affinity for singing. Of course, nobody's saying this is a bad thing! :D

Not sure about Tigress as Moana, but Po makes for a perfect Maui! :D

Not going to lie: I actually consider Zootopia to be the superior Disney film this year. Of course, Moana was good, especially in the art department, but the movie pretty much played it safe and followed the Disney princess movie formula to a tee, while Zootopia actually made a few risks to offer a more original movie experience. They're still both good, of course!

First, Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now, Moana. The year 2016 seems to have a recurring Hawaiian theme going on. Perhaps its because the entire world is burning up like a volcano eruption? LOL!

Richard and Nicole Waterson cosplaying as the two main leads makes WAAAAYYYYY too much sense. Methinks its their couple's costume for next year's Halloween party.