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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Obama Helps Trump Bring On The Nukes

I'm sure most of you have already seen Trump's inane tweet about how he wants America to ramp up its nuclear arsenal until "the world comes to its senses."

Well, while Democrats were busy crowing about how the Angry Cheeto wanted to bring about nuclear winter, Obama silently signed legislation that would permit Trump to do just that:

President Obama has signed legislation that, by striking a single word from longstanding U.S. nuclear defense policy, could heighten tensions with Russia and China and launch the country on an expensive effort to build space-based defense systems.

The National Defense Authorization Act, a year-end policy bill encompassing virtually every aspect of the U.S. military, contained two provisions with potentially momentous consequences.

One struck the word “limited” from language describing the mission of the country’s homeland missile defense system. The system is designed to thwart a small-scale attack by a non-superpower such as North Korea or Iran.

A related provision calls for the Pentagon to start “research, development, test and evaluation” of space-based systems for missile defense.

Together, the provisions signal that the U.S. will seek to use advanced technology to defeat both small-scale and large-scale nuclear attacks. That could unsettle the decades-old balance of power among the major nuclear states.
So not only has Obama better facilitated Trump's upcoming "tyranny" by expanding executive powers concerning targeted killings, indefinite detention, and mass survellience, but now he's made it easier for Trump to further expand America's nuclear capacity.

If Trump has become the tyrant that lefties fear, it's only because of the help provided by their Dear Leader, and it's their refusal to utter even the harshest of words about him that has permitted Obama to do just that.

Which makes this comic all the more apropos: