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Friday, December 23, 2016

That #BoycottDelta Prankster Was Worse Than I Thought

Yesterday I briefly discussed Adam Saleh, a young Muslim man who was allegedly kicked off of an airplane for merely speaking Arabic, when, in reality, he was an infamous YouTube prankster who had pulled off similar stunts in the past.

Just after posting my blog post yesterday, I stumbled across a video by Philip DeFranco discussing Saleh, and it turns out he’s worse that we'd all initially thought.

A year or so ago, Saleh released another viral video about him being interrogated by a NYPD officer after walking around with Arabic clothing. The officer who confronted him? He was actually a paid actor.

But’s that’s hardly the worse. Turns out that Saleh is also a Boston Bomber sympathizer and 9/11 truther. Check out Phillip’s video for the full details:

When a popular YouTuber manages to put in more research than any other mainstream media outlet, many of whom are currently fear-mongering over “fake news”, is it any wonder that trust in the news media is at an all-time historic low?