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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Read Economics, Not Assigned Male

In case you're morbidly curious, this comic edit is from "Assigned Male", an insane SJW webcomic written by an equally insane SJW that I wouldn't even force my worst enemies to read, lest they lose sufficient brain cells to continue breathing. So by no means read it!

But if you do want to read something on the internet, by all means, read Henry Hazlitt's "Economics In One Lesson." It's available free on-line, and unlike this webcomic, it will actually make you smarter.

But if you must learn about the dark secrets of "Assigned Male", I'd recommend watching this video about it and why it's so horrible:

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Greener Energy Source

Nuclear energy produces more power, less carbon emissions, and less toxic waste than any other energy source, especially fossil fuels, coal, and even solar power. If you want an energy solar that's highly efficient, reliable, and clean, then there is a need for nuclear energy. So why do so many environmentalists hate it?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Feminist SJW Guide To Free Speech

So let's get this straight:

A scientist wearing a shirt with sexy ladies on them that was created by a female friend of his? That's offensive!

Two Portland white women making and selling burritos based on cooking lessons they took while on vacation in Mexico? That's offensive.

A fan artist making fan art about her favorite shows like Steven Universe, while drawing one of the "bigger" characters a few inches slimmer? That's offensive.

Another fan artists drawing a portrait of the cast of a popular on-line video game with the male characters drawn as female? That's offensive.

Some over-privileged white woman creating "art" that amounts to little more than screaming "f*** white people"? Oh no. That's not offensive. That's not hate speech. That's free speech.

This is why nobody takes feminist SJWs seriously. Everything that's not offensive they consider to be offensive, and everything that's actually offensive they consider to be offensive. In short, these people are regressive and backwards.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Socialists Are A Special Kind Of Stupid

Did you know America had it's own socialist party? It's true. It's called the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and they recently held a convention in Chicago. And you know the real stupid part? The party has more than 25,000 members in America. Granted, that's only a fraction of a percent of the overall population, but that's still too many socialists.

Seriously, how stupid is it that, when one socialist county is burning to the ground, and another socialist country threatens to nuke us, that there are 25,000 socialists in America who are celebrating the central political ideology of these two countries? Now that's a special kind of stupid!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Examples of Oxymorons

In case you're wondering: yes, "libertarian socialists" do exist, and their arguments tend to go something like this: "Hi! I'm a libertarian socialist. I believe it's wrong to violate the rights of individuals--unless it's their right to property, which is totes not a real thing because potatoes!"

For the record, if you don't know who the "libertarian socialist" in the lower right hand corner is, he's an English bloke on YouTube called Libertarian Socialist Rants. I wouldn't recommend visiting his channel or watching his videos, but I would suggest watching this takedown of him by Shane Killian:

Also, to all the X-Men fans out there: sorry for pointing out the fact that there hasn't been a good X-Men movie. (And also sorry, but Deadpool doesn't count.)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Haters Gonna Hate But This Is Personal

I normally don’t address personal internet drama. Internet wisdom dictates that you should never address haters, that you shouldn’t “feed the trolls.” Usually this is good advice. Usually.

On the one hand, “feeding the trolls” can amount to little more than “adding fuel to the fire” and inspire them and other trolls to continue trolling you. Thus the best strategy—and what has usually been my strategy—is to ignore them until they go away and stop bothering you.

However, on the other hand, this internet “advice” usually amounts to suggesting that the best way to solve a problem is to ignore it. I think most of you can see the problem with that advice. Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. If that were the case, the easiest way to cure cancer would be to ignore it. Sometimes ignoring a problem can make it worse. Much worse!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

End The Welfare State. Support UBI!

According to the Census Bureau, our welfare state spends four times more on trying to end poverty than it would actually cost to pay poor people enough to lift themselves out of poverty. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper then to simply cut a check for every poor person? The answer to that question, surprisingly enough, is yes.

Libertarian writer Charles Murray estimates that providing all un-incarcerated Americans over the age of 21 with a monthly check for $13,000 would not only be sufficient enough to provide for their basic needs and help raise the poorest among them above the poverty line, but would also be less expensive than our current welfare state, which includes agricultural and corporate subsidies.

While having the government give people money may sound counter-intuitive to conservatives and libertarians, the truth is that basic income is not only compatible with their belief in limited government and free markets, but has actually been promoted by prominent conservatives and libertarians like Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek.

Basic income would be a much more viable alternative to our current welfare state, not only allowing the poorest among us to better experience social and economic mobility, but also helping to eliminate wasteful government spending and bureaucracy. It's high time to eliminate the welfare state: basic income now!

To learn more about why conservatives and libertarians should support basic income, please read my article on Medium.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Two Subway Systems

Want to improve America's public transportation? Then privatize the rail systems and allow private companies to compete with one another to see who can provide the best service. It worked with South Korea and Japan!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Economic Ignorance Is A Choice

Millennials have been blessed with access to information at their fingertips, yet they can't be bothered looking up “per capita income since 1800” or learning about socialist regimes like Venezuela; otherwise, they wouldn't be opposing capitalism and supporting socialism. In an age of information, ignorance is a choice!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Captain Underpants Vs. The Public School System

Captain Underpants flew into the box office faster than a speeding waistband, earning $23.5 million during its opening weekend.

In fact, this movie about a grown man fighting in his underwear that doesn’t take itself remotely seriously managed to gain a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes in its first week than the movie about grown men fighting in their underwear who take themselves far too seriously gained during its entire theatrical run.

The popularity of this movie should come as no surprise, as it’s based upon an equally popular book series. Of course, if the box office earnings and reviews are any indicator, the movie managed to do well even with moviegoers who never picked up a single book.

By far, the greatest appeal of Captain Underpants, be it the books or the movie, is its fundamental understanding of its target demographic. Like other great children’s series, it doesn’t pander to children by pretending to know what they like. Rather, it speaks to them on their level by truly understanding them—and if there’s one thing Captain Underpants gets, it’s that children hate school.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Shameless Plug Saturday: The DVD Shelf

Adam West, the beloved actor and geek icon who played the titular character of the 1966 Batman series, has passed away at the age of 88. While I was never a personal fan of him or his series, I cannot deny the legacy his show left, as it helped to bring the character of Batman into the mainstream, and for this, every Batman fan ought to be grateful. To commemorate his legacy, I want to help promote his classic television series by promoting an internet review series that promoted his series.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Disneyland Videopolis

Hey, dudes and dudettes! Did you know that, like, back in the 80s--which was, like, totally the most radical decade ever!--Disneyland wanted to, like, target the totally tubular teenage demographic by, like, opening up its own super cool teen night club, or some junk? (Okay, the cheesy attempt at 80s lingo ends here!)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

American Leftism In A Nutshell

“It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” - Murray N. Rothbard

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Hera, Give Me Strength!

Wonder Woman finally has her own movie released in theaters today. Critics so far are praising the film, but I'll go ahead and save my own opinions until after I watch the movie for myself. Until then, let's enjoy some Amazonian warrior fan art today. For Hera!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Does Wonder Woman Actually Represent?

Tomorrow will see the premiere of the first ever Wonder Woman movie, and my thoughts and feelings about it are mixed.

On the one hand, this is the very first theatrical release for the Amazonian warrior, and it’s certainly been a long time coming for her, especially considering how many Batman and Superman movies have been released beforehand.

On the other hand, this particular adaptation is being brought to us by the same studio that recently gave us such cinematic schlock such as Batman vs. Superman, so overall expectations for quality remain rather low. (Though many critics are praising it.)

Either way, even if this particular representation of the lasso-wielding warrior from Themyscira doesn’t do her justice, there’s also solace in knowing that she’s only one of many previous comic book adaptations.

Speaking of which, while I don’t normally recommend comics from The Nib (as they are extremely regressive leftist), I find this particular comic essay of Wonder Woman and her previous incarnations to be rather enlightening.

These comics really delve into her history, ranging from her rather interesting origins to her various incarnations throughout the decades, and show how each and every different time period provides a unique interpretation of her character.

I recommend that you go and read the whole thing for yourself, but here’s just a brief sample:

Throwback Thursday: Animaniacs Get A Life Foundation

Our president’s an idiot, we’re probably going to war with North Korea, and the entire world is crumbling around us. On a lighter note, if there’s any hope for the future (if there even is a future), Animaniacs is probably getting a reboot.

Now, the word “reboot” is a mixed term. It could mean a good reboot like MLP:FiM or Voltron: Legendary Defender. It could also have the more common meaning of a bad reboot like Teen Titans Go! or Powerpuff Girls 2016. (Or it could also be the title to a super-cool-yet-extremely-dated computer-animated show from the early 1990s!)

Considering that this particular reboot is being proposed by the very same people who initially created Animaniacs (Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment), I have enough confidence that this reboot will be in good hands and will turn out to be the former rather than latter definition of “reboot.”

If anything, this reboot will ensure that Animaniacs will be coming back, not only for old fans, but also for a whole new generation of potential fans. And in a world that is quickly becoming more and more insane, we need something that is "totally insaney" to provide a humorous counterbalance.

Of course, the best thing about the original Animaniacs was that its comedy is just as funny and relevant today as it was when it first premiered more than 20 years ago. Take the following sketch about the “Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation” as an example.

This sketch was released back in 1995, and yet 22 years later, it still eerily accurately reflects the more annoying aspects of internet fandoms. (And this sketch was created back when the internet was still a novelty!)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disney Sunday: GOTG Mission Breakout

Last Friday, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure completed its transformation into the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! And it looks awesome! Though I do have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, this attraction sadly replaces an already iconic Disney attraction; on the other hand, the former DCA Tower of Terror was reportedly not as good as the Disney Hollywood Studios version in Florida.

On the one hand, we finally have a Marvel attraction in an American Disney park (with Hong Kong Disneyland having recently opened the Iron Man Experience); on the other hand, this attraction is only in California with no chance of it or any other Marvel attraction ever coming to Florida. (Damn you, Universal! Why you still holding onto those theme park rights?!?)

Judging from the footage of the ride and show building, the attraction looks just as awesome as the GOTG movies, and it probably feels just as awesome as well. Too bad I will never have the chance to actually ride it. (Again, Universal, why for you cling to dem theme park rights? I want Marvel at Disney World, damn it! I don’t want to pay to get into Universal just to get my Marvel fix.)

Anyway, for those of you who can’t make it to California (or for those who can but can’t afford to), here’s some footage of the ride and everything it has to offer—including an animatronic Rocket Raccoon. (Damn it! I wanna see an animatronic Rocket in person! Universal, hand over dem rights! They should belong to Disney!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Free-Market Capitalism Isn’t “Anti-Innovation”

While reading about politics weakens my faith in humanity, a little bit of that faith gets restored whenever I read about the advancements being made in science and technology.

The last few years alone have seen great leaps forward scientifically and technologically: virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, voice-activated software and hardware, private space travel, and autonomous vehicles.

During dark political times such as these, it’s comforting to know that both science and technology provide somewhat of a silver lining with promises of a "great big beautiful tomorrow” brought about through innovation.

That is, unless you’re Ben Tarnoff of The Guardian. In that case, you believe that we’re actually witnessing “anti-innovation” that’s bringing about “economic suicide.”

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disney Sunday: Luke Skywalker Sings You're Welcome

Considering that Disney owns both Moana and Star Wars, I'm surprised they didn't create this awesome parody of "You're Welcome." Would have made for an interesting tie-in to the upcoming The Last Jedi:

Friday, May 12, 2017

Elon’s Car Tunnel Looks Hella Awesome!

I’ve already written blog posts about Elon Musk’s super cool idea for an automated car tunnel under Los Angeles. Turns out it’s more than just an idea. Not only has Musk built a working test tunnel (though where he built it exactly remains unknown), but he has tested it out and uploaded a video of the test onto Instagram.

According to the video’s description, the actual tunnel will have cars traveling at speeds up to 125 mph with the potential of traveling from L.A. to Westwood in 5 minutes. Five minutes! How awesome would that be? (That is, if the actual tunnel wasn't potentially going to be road blocked by government bureaucracy!)

Check out the video below and tell me that it’s not the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen. (Warning: may cause motion sickness or seizures!)

Fan Art Friday: Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga! (Part Deux)

One week in theaters and GOTG:V2 remains #1 at the box office. This is literally not news. The franchise is Marvel's best. Of course it's winning at the box office. So to continue celebrating its awesomeness, he's even more GOTG fan art:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Psalty The Singing Songbook

If you went to Sunday School in the 80s and 90s, chances are you watched Psalty The Singing Songbook. If you don't know who that is, he's essentially the Christian version of Barney the Dinosaur, only instead of a purple dinosaur, he was a blue songbook. Sure, a singing, talking songbook may sound ridiculous, but no more so than a singing, talking dinosaur.

Here on the internet, Psalty has become the target of ridicule from everyone and everybody ranging from cringe blogs, YouTube atheists, and hack webcomic artists. But you know what? I don't care. I thought Psalty was cool as a kid, and I still like him as an adult--albeit ironically!

Sure, the character himself can appear creepy to some people--and the only thing creepier and cringey-er are the child actors accompanying him--but really, how is the character any less ridiculous than Barney the Dinosaur?

In fact, I'll go out of the way to claim that Psalty has Barney beat in the music department. Even to this day, I still have many of Psalty's songs stuck in my head. That's how good his music is. And really, can you expect anything less from a singing songbook?

Many of his songs and even entire musical albums are available to listen to on YouTube. Just take a listen to some of them yourselves and tell me that they don't get stuck in your head:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Elon Musk’s Tunnel Blocked By Government Bureaucracy

About a week ago, I discussed Elon Musk’s crazy cool idea to dig a tunnel under L.A. to help alleviate traffic. As can be expected, many skeptics came out of the woodwork to mock his idea, and I told those critics to shove it because I thought his idea was super cool.

Of course, there’s a good chance Musk won’t be able to move forward with his underground tunnel, and it won’t be because he lacks funding, or lacks the technological capability, or even lacks public interest.

No, if Elon finds himself unable to build his tunnel, it’ll be because of the one thing that always gets in the way of innovation: government bureaucracy:

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 just came out. In fact, I just returned from watching it at the theater. It. Was. AWESOME! If you loved the original, you'll love this. Definitely better than the original. A must see movie. In fact, stop reading this and go watch it. Right now! Then when you're done, come back and check out this awesome fan art:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Weird Al Star Wars Songs

How interesting is it that Weird Al Yankovic wrote, not one, but two Star Wars parody songs about Star Wars? I could think of nothing more fitting to share for Star Wars Day on Throwback Thursday.

During my pre-teen years, I used to listen to both of these songs on Radio Disney, and I even had one of them on a Radio Disney CD. “Yoda” is creative and funny enough, but my personal favorite was “The Saga Begins” (which back then I always assumed was “Anakin Guy”!)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wonder Woman Will Probably Suck

I wish I were more excited about the new Wonder Woman movie being released next month. On the one hand, this is the first movie ever created starring the Amazonian warrior, which is especially refreshing after tons of movies have already been made about male superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Spider-man. So it ought to be a momentous occasion that the most famous super heroine finally gets her own theatrical release.

On the other hand, the movie is being created by the same studio that gave us box office blunders such as Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad. Considering how “well” those movies turned out doesn’t offer much hope that the first ever Wonder Woman movie will fare any better. So like the rest of the installments in the “I Can’t Believe This Isn’t the MCU!”, this movie probably won’t do well either.

But really, I’m not so much worried about the movie itself, per say, as I am about the inevitable backlash that will be created by its implosion, specifically the backlash from feminists—and if last year’s internet dumpster fire surrounding the Ghostbusters reboot is any indicator, the backlash will not be pretty. Be prepared to see "sexist" and "misogynist" lobbed at critics who pan the film.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Elon Musk Proposes Underground Car Tunnel

Funny story: Elon Musk was driving through L.A. when he got stuck in traffic. He tweeted how he hated traffic jams and how he would go as far as to drill a tunnel under the city to escape them.

And that’s exactly what he plans to do!

Musk plans on creating a new company—boringly enough called the Boring Company—that will not only create an underground car tunnel, but an automated car tunnel that operates almost like a “post-apocalyptic slot car race that takes place underneath the city of Los Angeles.”

Gizmodo further explains the details:
Think of it as a future free of traffic and sunlight. On the surface, Musk explained, cars would drive onto sled-like devices that would descend into the bowels of the Earth, where Musk’s Boring Company has built a vast network of tunnels. From there, apparently, the sleds connect to a track that sends the cars zooming through the tubes at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour. There would be no need to fret about crashing, either, since some supercomputer (somewhere) could carefully direct traffic so that each car and sled rides at a safe but efficient distance from the next one. When all is said and done, you could get from Compton to Malibu in, who knows, maybe a few minutes.
Of course, like all of Musk’s visions, this one also has its fair share of detractors.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

3D Printed House Built In 24 Hours

I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I won't be back until Sunday. Since I didn't want to leave you all on a bad note, what with all the bad news going on recently, allow me to depart with some good news. Here's a house that was 3D printed in 24 hours:

Isn't technology simply amazing? When politics makes me lose faith in humanity, science and technology help provide me some fleeting hope.

SJWs Overreact To NYT OpEd About Tomboys

About a week ago, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled, “My Daughter Is Not Transgender. She's a Tomboy.” The article is as straightforward as its title.

The author, Lisa Selin Davis, is a mother whose daughter likes to wear boy clothes and do boy things—in other words, your typical tomboy! However, Davis is constantly inquired by other people about her daughter’s gender, with many of them “mis-gendering” her as transgendered.

Having suffered from this “micro-aggression” long enough, Davis decided to settle the matter in her op-ed, explaining, just as the title suggests, that her daughter is not transgendered, that she is a cis-gendered tomboy, and if her daughter were indeed trans, that she would fully support her gender identity.

She uses the rest of the article to explain that it’s perfectly okay for men and women to be gender non-conforming and still be cis-gendered. Cis-women can dress like men and take on male gender roles, and cis-men can dress like women and take on female gender roles. In other words, gender expression does not equal gender identity. (You know, common sense?)

Overall, the op-ed managed to tackle the complex topic of gender politics with plenty of nuance, explaining that there's no right or wrong way to be a boy or a girl, whether cis-gendered or trans.

Of course, it’s precisely because the article was so nuanced that it managed to twist the panties of many an easily-offended internet feminist SJW, whom immediately jumped on the piece and accused it of being “transphobic.”

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cop Pulls Gun On Unarmed Boy With Basketball

I've often been criticized for hating cops. I don't have a problem with cops. I don't even have a problem with the police.

It's just getting harder and harder to defend them when far too many of them do the indefensible--like in the video below where a cop pulls a gun on an unarmed boy with a basketball:

Do I even need to say anything about this? At all?! You all saw that, right?!?! No one can possibly watch that video and think to themselves "I'm proud of our men in blue!"

There's nothing to be proud of there. There's no good reason why a cop--a friggin cop with training!--should pull a gun on an unarmed kid. And if there is, I dare anyone to give it.

Why Le Pen Will Probably Win

For those of you who have been following the French elections, the first round of voting is over, and both major presidential candidates, far-left Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen, will be moving on to the second and final round.

All eyes right now are on Le Pen, the French equivalent of Donald Trump. As such, those of you who know me will probably guess that I "support" her like I "support" Trump--which is to say that I'd rather support having a root canal and colonoscopy at the same time!

However, as much as I do not care for her, I cannot deny that there's an appeal to her, especially considering recent events in Europe.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

5 Steps To (Really) Make America Great Again And Defeat ISIS

You’re a proud American. You love America. You think it’s the greatest country on Earth. That’s why you voted for Donald Trump. You want him to Make America Great Again. You want him to bring back American jobs. And you especially want him to kick ISIS in the taint.

So you were probably singing “Proud to be an American” when you saw him drop the “Mother of all Bombs” right onto ISIS’s front doorstep and send those terrorists straight up to their 72 virgins. Finally, you get to see a president get “tough” on foreign policy.

But hold on there! What if I told you there was a better way to defeat ISIS that didn’t involve launching a single missile, the cost of which exceeds what most people make in a lifetime? What if there was a way to not only defeat ISIS, but also create American jobs and produce more energy?

Well, my fellow Americans, there is such a way, and it doesn’t involve dropping a single bomb. Here’s five steps towards defeating ISIS and Making America Great Again:

Friday, April 21, 2017

NES Classic Discontinued, SNES Classic Rumored

Nintendo recently discontinued its insanely popular NES Classic console, in a move considered insanely stupid by most game critics.

I'm not really bothered by this. I was never too interested in purchasing the console, mostly because I never grew up on the original Nintendo.

However, I did grow up on the Super Nintendo. So I would be more than interested in a SNES Classic, which is rumored to be released later this year.

Now that I would buy! As long as it has both Super Mario World games, all three Donkey Kong Country games, and Super-Mario All Stars, I'll more than gladly be like...

Fan Art Friday: Now At Last I've Seen The Light

Disney Channel recently released its newest original animated series based on Tangled. I think it'! Not the best cartoon ever, but okay nonetheless. If anything, it makes me more excited for the Big Hero 6 series coming out later this year. Anyway, here's some awesome fan art based on the movie.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Arthur Explains Asperger’s

With April being Autism Awareness Month, and in light of less-than-happy recent events, I’d thought I’d dedicated this week’s Throwback Thursday to something Autism-related.

Earlier this month, Sesame Street introduced children to autism with its newest puppet, Julia. However, Sesame Street was not the first PBS to discuss the subject matter. That honor goes to another great PBS Kids show, Arthur.

Several years prior, Arthur released an episode that also explained Autism—specifically Asperger’s Syndrome—by introducing an Autistic character, and also through a very fitting and creative metaphor:

10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Arrested

The young boy you see being arrested above is John Benjamin Haygood. He’s a ten-year-old student at Okeechobee Achievement Academy in Florida. And as you can tell from his behavior, he’s also diagnosed with Autism.

Now you’re probably wondering why this boy was being dragged away in handcuffs, despite the protests from both him and his mother. What did he do to warrant such manhandling by the cops?

He was throwing paper balls in class.

I wish I were making that up:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Senpai Noticed Me!

I’m sure you all remember my Power Rangers parody comic? The one with various YouTube libertarian personalities? Turns out a few of them noticed it. Namely Seamus Coughlin (FreedomToons) and Julie Borowski. Both of them liked and re-tweeted it on Twitter. Seamus even made a few good comments. Now that really made my day :D

Star Wars Triggers Whiny Man Babies

As a rule of thumb, if you’re offended by something in a movie, show, or video game, chances are you’re a privileged special snowflake with no real problems in your life outside of first world problems.

This rule, of course, applies to feminist SJWs, but it also applies to the opposite side of the spectrum to anti-feminist anti-SJWs, especially those triggered by non-issues such as Tracer being gay, or, as of recently, by the main lead to a Star Wars game being a black woman.

Yes, apparently, the main lead for Star Wars: Battlefront II being anyone other than a cis-hetero white male triggered many an entitled Star Wars fan with the Dark Side of The Force, and the impotent rage is as hilarious as you'd imagine. Here's just a small sample:

Monday, April 17, 2017

VGM Monday: Lost Woods (Saria’s Song)

The newest Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, was recently released. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the franchise in North America. To celebrate these occasions, I’m dedicating the next several VGM Monday posts to Zelda, wherein I’ll be highlighting music from the franchise, starting from the older games onward. This week, I'm featuring music from Ocarina of Time.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why You Should Never Punch Nazis

There was a clash yesterday in Berkeley between small-dicked pricks and dickless pussies—er, I mean Trump supporters and Antifa! It ended up as badly (and hilariously!) as you’d imagine. If you want more details, I’d recommend watching the videos about it by Mister Metokur and Lauren Southern.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the whole ordeal was the very reason why the concept of “punching Nazis” is a bad idea: Nazis punch back—hard!

North Korea In A Nutshell

Considering how big of a bullet we managed to dodge this weekend due to North Korea's incompetence (or rather, "impotence"!), this cartoon best exemplifies the current situation:

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jesus Christ Was Politically Incorrect

The Pharisees were largely considered to be the political establishment of Jesus’ day. They were moral busybodies who considered themselves to be “decent human beings” and who insisted that everyone else uphold their arbitrary moral standards, judging people who fell short of those standards while failing to live up to those same standards themselves. As such, Jesus regularly called them out on their hypocrisies and double standards, often using the most “politically incorrect” rhetoric.

So, chances are, if Jesus Christ were around today, feminist social justice warriors (or rather, “anti-social injustice degenerates) would not be claiming him as their own. They would be too triggered by his political incorrectness and micro-aggressions, and they would berate him for his "cis-gendered straight white male privilege." How do I know this? Because that’s exactly how they’re treating another Jew who’s preaching love and forgiveness, Bernie Sanders!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Duck And Cover

Considering how close we are to a potential nuclear war against North Korea, this classic Cold War instructional film seems to have relevant advice for us today even 66 years later:

TL;DW: Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass good-bye!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Anti-Vaxxers Attack Sesame Street

Sesame Street recently introduced to their cast of colorful puppets a new character, Julia, the first Muppet character with autism. Aside from being used to introduced children to the concept of autism, Julia is also being used to teach children how to best interact with their autistic peers in spite of their differences.

As someone who is on the autistic spectrum myself, I really appreciate the show introducing this character, not only as a matter of representation, but also as a way to teach children about autism and how to get along with people on the spectrum.

Of course, you don’t have to be autistic yourself to appreciate this new character. You simply have to be a decent human being. Sadly, as the world has proven far too many times, especially under our current president, there is a vast shortage of decent human beings in the world.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No, United Airlines Didn’t Have To Use Violence

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the United Airlines fiasco. Long story short: United Airlines overbooked a flight. They had to kick off passengers. One passenger refused to leave his seat. UA sick the police on him. He got beaten black and blue, and he was escorted off on a stretcher.

The situation itself was horrific enough, but even more sickening have been the countless sycophants coming to UA’s defense by blaming the passenger for refusing to give up his seat.

Even more infuriating have been how otherwise respectable libertarians like Julie Borowski have decided to blame the victim:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Supporter Tears Taste So Tantalizing

The first 100 days of Trump’s presidency haven't been worth boasting for Trump supporters. His inauguration attendance was less than lackluster. His healthcare “reform” threatened to repeal parts they liked about Obamacare. His immigration policies are deporting their families. His border wall is tearing apart their properties. His travel ban was denied, not once, but twice. And his approval ratings are dropping faster and lower every passing second. Now the most recent smegma topping on this smoldering crap cake of a presidency has to be his airstrikes against Syria.

Fan Art Friday: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Rick and Morty are back, bee-yotches! Y’all catch the Season 3 premiere last week? Are y’all hungering for some McDonald's Mulan Schezuan Sauce? Y’all ready to get schwifty? Well, y’all will have to wait later this summer for new episodes. For now, let’s ask Mr. Meeseeks to show us some Rick and Morty fan art for this week’s Fan Art Friday. Can do!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump’s A Non-Interventionist? LOL! No.

He just launched more than 50 missiles on a Syrian airfield in response to an alleged chemical attack.

But do tell me how he wouldn’t have started WWIII, oh fellow “libertarians” who voted for him, believing that he was better on foreign policy than Hillary.

I’d hate to tell you all that supporting the man as the better “libertarian” option was f***ing stupid, but…

Throwback Thursday: McNugga Lubba Dub Dub

I’m sure most of you saw the Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty last Saturday. And I’m sure most of you are aware of the obscure nostalgic throwback made during that episode—a throwback concerning a popular restaurant franchise, a throwback to something that had long been forgotten, but has only recently resurrected into the mainstream consciousness thanks to the shameless corporate plug made by Dan Hamon and Justin Roiland.

That’s right! I’m talking about Shoney’s!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Your Personal Info Was Always For Sale

Recently, Donald Trump signed a Congress-approved bill that would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to sell your personal data such as your web browsing history.

Previously, ISPs at least had to extend the common courtesy of obtaining your permission before sharing such data; but now they’ve been granted free reign to sell your data to the highest bidder without even your knowledge.

The scariest thing about all this? Your personal internet data has always been for sale!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stop Radical Islam! Fund NASA!

Before you ask, yes, this is a true story. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does want to create a space colony on Mars as soon as 2117 (though not because they want to make Islam the official religion of the planet). Wouldn’t it be rather sad if the only reason we Americans manage to pull off the first manned Mars mission is because Republicans didn’t want Muslims to be the first people to reach the planet? Then again, the only reason why we Americans were the first to land on the moon was because we wanted to beat the Ruskies there. Chance are our next “space race” will be driven by the War on Terror. (Though if anything, Elon Musk will ultimately be the one to take humanity to Mars!)

Monday, April 3, 2017

VGM Monday: Tal Tal Heights

The newest Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, was recently released. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the franchise in North America. To celebrate these occasions, I’m dedicating the next several VGM Monday posts to Zelda, wherein I’ll be highlighting music from the franchise, starting from the older games onward. This week, I'm featuring music from Link's Awakening.