Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nintendo, I Am Disappoint!

Since my previous rant on the Nintendo Switch presentation, it appears that many other more notable video game critics from Razorfist to Jim Sterling seem to share my overall disappointment.

Perhaps the most disappointing announcement for the new console has been with its on-line service, which Nintendo seems to think they can get away with charging now by providing players one free NES or SNES game a month. I mean, Really? Is that the best they can do?!

Jim elucidates just how out-of-touch Nintendo has become in his newest video:

Man, I love Nintendo—always have, always will—but with all of its bad decisions lately, from its lackluster Virtual Console selections, to it creating false scarcity with its NES Classic, I’m really starting to fall out of love with the company, if not video games in general.

Either that or I’m growing up. Sweet Celestia, I really hope it isn’t the latter!