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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baby Almost Dies Because Of Trump's Ban

The baby pictured above is is Fatemah. She's a four-month-old Iranian girl. She's also in need of life-saving heart surgery that she can only receive in America.

She and her parents were supposed to fly into Oregon over the weekend to one of the top hospitals in the country, and had applied for a visa to do so.

Unfortunately, she and her parents were unable to travel to America because their visas were denied.

Why? I think the reason why is obvious: because Trump's executive order barred travel from Iran.

Her parents were informed that they would be able to re-apply for another visa in 90 days. Of course, since she's an infant with a critical heart condition, she probably wouldn't have survived that long.

The good news is that the family has since been able to receive an emergency waiver for her, allowing them to travel to America for the surgery.

The other good news is that the travel ban has since been suspended thanks to a federal judge.

The bad news, of course, is that this whole mess had to happen in the first place.

How sad is it that a baby girl almost died from being denied life-saving treatment because the president wanted to pander to the xenophobic fears of his base?

"Hey, that's not fair!" I hear some of you cry in retort. "He was only looking out for the safety and security of American citizens by banning potential terrorists. What's the death of one baby if thousands of Americans are spared from a potential terrorist attack?"

Let's ignore the small fact that a baby ALMOST DIED because of this misguided ban. Let's assume that Trump was acting in good faith when he banned travel from seven Muslim countries, while also not banning travel from other Muslim countries where he coincidentally has business interests--coincidentally enough, because coincidence!

You want to know how many terrorist attacks have been carried out by foreign-born terrorists from the countries barred by Trump's travel ban?


Not a single terrorist from any of the seven countries--Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen--has carried out a lethal attack in the United States.

Not one.

Not one single Libyan. Not one single Syrian. Not one single person from Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen. And not one single Iranian--especially a four-month-old infant dying from a heart condition!

But do you know from which country originated the terrorists who committed the greatest terrorist attack against our country on 9/11?

Saudi Arabia.

A country that isn't on the travel ban. A country that is considered out ally. And also one of the countries which Trump coincidentally enough did not place on the ban, and also where he coincidentally has business interests--coincidentally enough, because coincidence!

Of course, I'm by no means suggesting that we should ban people from traveling from Saudi Arabia anymore than we should ban people from Iran--especially a four-month-old infant dying from a heart condition!

Why? Because banning Muslims would do as much to prevent a terrorist attack as much as a gun ban would prevent a mass shooting. If a gun-free zone is most prone to a mass shooting, does it really make any more sense to turn America into a Muslim-free zone to prevent potential terrorist attacks?

A baby almost died this weekend because of this stupid travel ban. That's the problem with such government restrictions, whether it's against guns or Muslims: no matter how much they were created through good intentions (and I highly doubt Trump had any good intentions!), they always create a road to hell, and there's a special place in hell reserved for scumbags who allow babies to die.