Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Disney Sunday: Couple Stays Overnight At Disney World?

I recently stumbled across this video about a couple that decided to sneak into Disney World after closing hours. The very concept peaked my curiosity. “How exactly would they be able to get away with this and boast about it on YouTube?” I asked myself.

So I decided to click the video and watch for myself. The two decided to hide out in the bathrooms and emerge later on long after closing. Watching two people wander through Disney World at night by themselves with no other people was quite the surreal experience.

So many red flags were raised in my mind. How were they able to wander the park without running into employees? How were they not noticed by security cameras? How were they able to ride the rides, and how were the rides still going? Moreover, even if they were able to get away with all of this, how were they able to post it on YouTube without raising the ire of the Walt Disney Company?

The answer to all of those questions…you can find out for yourself by watching it. You have to see it for yourself: