Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Go! Go! Power Rangers! Hard to believe that this franchise has not only survived for more than 20 years, but has also spawned a live-action movie. (You know, aside from the original live-action movie!) But then again, it's easy to see the appeal of this show. So to celebrate the release of the recent live-action theatrical reboot, this week's Fan Art Friday is showcasing Power Rangers fan art--those Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan art!

Megazord vs. Voltron. Who would win? Then again, the real question is why there hasn't been a Death Battle between these two already?

Hard to believe that The Mouse once owned the Power Rangers. Too bad Disney never made good use of the property. Wouldn't it have been interesting to see a Disney crossover?

Speaking of Disney, wouldn't it have been interesting to see a Power Rangers-themed world in Kingdom Hearts had Disney held onto the rights long enough? No matter. Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel now, and both of those would make much better KH worlds!

Not a big Bleach fan, but this parody is totes hilarious! :D

"After ten thousand years trapped in the moon, Nightmare is free, and she's set to conquer Equestria. Now Celestia must recruit a team of teen-mares with attitude. Go! Go! Elements of Harmony!"