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Friday, March 10, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Moana Madness (Part Deux)

Moana may not have been able to see "how far she'll go!" when it comes to the Oscars, but as least she went far enough to make it to DVD and Blu-Ray. Her movie may not be as great as Zootopia, but it's still a great Disney movie nonetheless. It's also a great movie with even greater fan art, as showcased for today's Fan Art Friday:

I admit that I'm not a big Rise of the Guardians fan, but this crossover is legit awesome.

Honestly, Toffee and Tamatoa make for quite the fitting crack pairing. I'd never imagine considering such a crack pairing to be quite the OTP.

I doubt that Moana will be a world in Kingdom Hearts 3, but then again, considering how long the game is taking to develop...

By now, I'm sure most of you have seen the end credit scene. And I'm sure most of you imagined something akin to this fan art piece.

If Disney existed within the universe of, well, Steven Universe, I'd imagine this is how Connie and Steven would dress for Halloween.