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Friday, March 3, 2017

Fan Art Friday: She's From Another Dimension (Part Deux)

The Star Vs. The Forces of Evil season two finale was earlier this week, and, well, boy was it something. For an episode called "Star Crushed!", it sure did crush a lot of Star fans. LOL!

Anyway, in an effort to make SVTFOE fans feel better after that "star crushing" episode, here's a showcase of some SVTFOWE fan art.

Not really a Starco fan, but this picture of a grown-up Star and Marco bickering over whether or not to give their daughter a "puppy" is quite adorable.

What does it say about me that I consider the "Jackie's a mermaid" fan theory more convincing than the Trans Marco fan theory? Hey! Say what you want, but believing that Jackie is a mermaid because she wears a shell around her neck is just as far-fetched as believing that Marco is a trans girl because he once wore a pink dress in an episode! So there.

Who knew that a character who's barely appeared in-person in a single episode would quickly become one of the most popular characters in the fandom? With all of the buildup to her character thus far, you know that Queen Eclipsa's going to play a very pivotal role in the future. Season Three, come on already!

I'd never imagine that I would want to see a series such as SVTFOE featured as a world in Kingdom Hearts as much as I currently do. Of course, I'd want to see Gravity Falls as a world even more. But SVTFOE certainly provides a lot of possibilities.

We know that the worlds of Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty co-exist with each other. So would it be anymore far-fetched that the same can be speculated of SVTFOE? All three shows involve dimension-hopping, so the possibilities are endless there.