Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Shameless Plug Saturday: Red Panels

Earlier this week, the creator of Red Panels announced that he was ending his webcomic after having published 370 comic strips. I’ve always wanted to feature the comic on Shameless Plug Saturday, so I felt now more than ever would be the most opportune time to do so.

For those of you who don’t know, Red Panels is a political webcomic with a very right-of-center libertarian perspective, which means its comics lampoon big government and crony capitalism, as well as other targets such as feminists and SJWs.

Granted, as of recently, the comic has been veering further to the right, all the way to the alt-right. The comic artist himself is a big fan of The Don. So, obviously, I don’t agree with all of his strips, especially his more recent ones. (And especially ones with, um, “distasteful” jokes.)

Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed his work and considered the comic to be a breath of fresh air when compared to most of the left-leaning political cartoons, especially those on The Nib, which makes the recent announcement all the more bittersweet.

To commemorate such a great comic, I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite in this post. Goodbye, Red Panels! You’ll be missed.