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Friday, April 21, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Now At Last I've Seen The Light

Disney Channel recently released its newest original animated series based on Tangled. I think it'! Not the best cartoon ever, but okay nonetheless. If anything, it makes me more excited for the Big Hero 6 series coming out later this year. Anyway, here's some awesome fan art based on the movie.

Going to be perfectly honest here: not a big fan of Cassandra. She looks cool, tho!

What Disney movie isn't improved by substituting the main character with Grumpy Cat?

Star and Marco make for an epic Rapunzel and Flynn cosplay. (Pony Head works as Maxamillion, too!)

Kingdom Hearts 3, why you no come out yet?! We want to play around in the Tangled world!

And of course, obligatory MLP fan art is obligatory. Yet still adorable!