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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SJWs Overreact To NYT OpEd About Tomboys

About a week ago, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled, “My Daughter Is Not Transgender. She's a Tomboy.” The article is as straightforward as its title.

The author, Lisa Selin Davis, is a mother whose daughter likes to wear boy clothes and do boy things—in other words, your typical tomboy! However, Davis is constantly inquired by other people about her daughter’s gender, with many of them “mis-gendering” her as transgendered.

Having suffered from this “micro-aggression” long enough, Davis decided to settle the matter in her op-ed, explaining, just as the title suggests, that her daughter is not transgendered, that she is a cis-gendered tomboy, and if her daughter were indeed trans, that she would fully support her gender identity.

She uses the rest of the article to explain that it’s perfectly okay for men and women to be gender non-conforming and still be cis-gendered. Cis-women can dress like men and take on male gender roles, and cis-men can dress like women and take on female gender roles. In other words, gender expression does not equal gender identity. (You know, common sense?)

Overall, the op-ed managed to tackle the complex topic of gender politics with plenty of nuance, explaining that there's no right or wrong way to be a boy or a girl, whether cis-gendered or trans.

Of course, it’s precisely because the article was so nuanced that it managed to twist the panties of many an easily-offended internet feminist SJW, whom immediately jumped on the piece and accused it of being “transphobic.”

One blogger mocked the op-ed as a “hilarious satire about cisgender anxiety.” Another one screeched that “the fact that the author takes joy in this shows her privilege." And yet another blogger wasn’t even able to read the entire piece before penning her own response, claiming how she “got about halfway through before nausea set in.”

Gee, who knew the very idea that a girl can wear shorts and play with dinosaurs in the mud and not be considered trans could make so many special snowflakes sick to their stomachs?!

And of course, there's the legion of angry hate tweets of pure impotent rage!

But perhaps my favorite responses were the lulzy, if not cringeworthy, s****y SJW strawman comics:

I especially "love" the very last comic here because "It's possible to be trans, gender non-conforming, or both!" was the exact same friggin' message of the "transphobic" op-ed that it's responding to!

TJ Kirk once said it best: nuance is dead, the internet has killed it, and the SJWs have pissed on its grave!