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Monday, April 17, 2017

VGM Monday: Lost Woods (Saria’s Song)

The newest Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, was recently released. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the franchise in North America. To celebrate these occasions, I’m dedicating the next several VGM Monday posts to Zelda, wherein I’ll be highlighting music from the franchise, starting from the older games onward. This week, I'm featuring music from Ocarina of Time.

What can I possibly say about Ocarina of Time that everyone else and their grandmother hasn’t already said? It’s the quintessential Zelda game, and a massive game-changer for the franchise, bringing it into the third dimension. It’s considered to be one of the best Nintendo 64 games of all time, if not the best game ever. So what else is there to say about it?

Of course, since this is VGM Monday, we have to talk about the music. Even then, what else is there to say? The soundtrack is likewise praised for having some of the best video game music of all time, and it’s clearly some of composer Koji Kondo’s best work. I’ve highlighted music from the game before, and today, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite songs: the theme for the Lost Woods, otherwise known as Saria’s Song.

Shigeru Miyamoto once said that his inspiration for the Legend of Zelda series came from his childhood memories of exploring the woods behind his house. This song certainly encapsulates the childlike wonder of wandering through said woods, eliciting a sense of both whimsy and mystery. Not to mention it’s also a catchy tune—and if it can get a grumpy Goron to start dancing, it’ll get anyone else to dance along: