Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fan Art Friday: Hera, Give Me Strength!

Wonder Woman finally has her own movie released in theaters today. Critics so far are praising the film, but I'll go ahead and save my own opinions until after I watch the movie for myself. Until then, let's enjoy some Amazonian warrior fan art today. For Hera!

If we get to see Wonder Woman interacting with Harley Quinn in a future movie, it will be one of the few saving graces about the DCEU.

After working all day long saving the world, a girl needs to take time off for herself and chillax with a cup of Joe.

Well, of course I had to include a pinup of Wonder Woman in a bikini. It's summer. Bikini season!

If Goku is the Japanese Superman, then Sailor Moon is the Japanese Wonder Woman. Hey! Anyone else desperately waiting for an Epic Rap Battle between the two? Superman and Goku already sparred off. When will Diana and Usagi do the same?

A master of shield and sword? Of course Rose Quartz makes for a fitting Wonder Woman.

Let's turn ALL THE DISNEY PRINCESSES into Wonder Woman.