Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Examples of Oxymorons

In case you're wondering: yes, "libertarian socialists" do exist, and their arguments tend to go something like this: "Hi! I'm a libertarian socialist. I believe it's wrong to violate the rights of individuals--unless it's their right to property, which is totes not a real thing because potatoes!"

For the record, if you don't know who the "libertarian socialist" in the lower right hand corner is, he's an English bloke on YouTube called Libertarian Socialist Rants. I wouldn't recommend visiting his channel or watching his videos, but I would suggest watching this takedown of him by Shane Killian:

Also, to all the X-Men fans out there: sorry for pointing out the fact that there hasn't been a good X-Men movie. (And also sorry, but Deadpool doesn't count.)